Today we had leaves.  Lots and lots of leaves.  And we had chickadees – 26 to be precise.  But . . . we also had this guy:

What a great surprise, to get this hatch year male Coop today!

a hatch year male Cooper’s Hawk!  Doug Smith first saw him in net number 9, but he got out before Doug could reach him.  He flew one net over and got stuck in the 90-aerial, but he again got out.  He flew up a few feet and ran into the 90-aerial again, and this time Doug managed to snag him before he got away.  Third time is the charm!

He wasn’t our only special bird.  We also got this little lady:

A Rusty Blackbird, showing us how they got their name

This beautiful Rusty Blackbird is an after-hatch year female, and she is our first of the year.  Let’s hope there are more of these gorgeous birds to follow.

Overall, we ended the day with 41 new bands of 9 species, and 11 recaps.  Two new species for the year:  Cooper’s Hawk and Rusty Blackbird.  Black-capped Chickadee was bird of the day with 26 new bands, representing 63% of the new birds for the day.  The surprise bird in second place was Tufted Titmouse, with 4 new bands.