Sunday, October 21:  50 new bands of 12 species, 11 recaps.  Bird of the day was Black-capped chickadee with 15 new bands.  It was a fairly routine day of late-season banding, with a couple of highlights.  A small flock of 3 Purple Finches came in all at once, and all were older males.  We banded two new Northern Cardinals today and recaptured one – again, all male.  Two Myrtle Warblers reminded us that winter isn’t here quite yet, but the continuous falling of leaves into our nets reminded us that it isn’t far away.

Sunday night, we opened up for owls.  The radar looked good for birds coming across the lake, and we were not disappointed.  We banded 12 new Northern Saw-whet Owls, but recaptured none.  We also banded a beautiful (really really gorgeous!!!) rufous-morph Eastern Screech Owl.  She was somewhat larger than the grey-morph we did last week, but she was much more good tempered!  Based on the markings on the primary coverts, we aged her as an older (after hatch year) bird, and we suspect she is a female based on her long wing measurement.

This beauty was banded on October 21. I didn’t want to disturb her after I perched her in a tree, so I only took three quick photos. None of them were great, but at least in this one she hasn’t turned her head completely around backwards!