Friday October 26, 2012.  It was one of the slowest days of banding I can remember at BBBO. We banded 11 new birds. There were three Northern Cardinals, two each of Winter Wren, Golden-crowned Kinglet and Brown Creeper; plus one junco and one chickadee.   We had five right leg recaps, and one left leg recap.

As we were opening nets, a flock of five Evening Grosbeaks flew overhead calling. Later in the morning, Goldfinches and Cedar Waxwings taunted us from high overhead!  The fine weather had us  sitting outside between net checks, hoping to spot  a Cave Swallow fly over, or maybe a Mississippi Kite, but it was not to be. Thanks to Ruth, Alice, Marilyn, Virgina, John, Mark, Claire, Katie and Jenna for hanging in there with me on such a slow day.  Cindy Marino