17 new birds of 6 species, 3 recaps.  The fall banding season came to a close today, as we took down the nets and cleaned up the station.  We opened our nets just after sunrise, hoping the rain would hold off and the nets would dry enough to be put into storage.  Light spits of misty rain came off and on through the morning hours, but a dedicated crew managed to take everything down in a few short hours.  Thanks much to Jon, Virginia, Marilyn, Tom K, Chita, Jenna, and Laura for braving the iffy weather!

Since the Cornell student birding club was visiting this morning, we hoped to be able to catch enough birds to keep them occupied for an hour or two.  While there was great promise in the trees – siskins, juncos, and redpolls flocked by – none found our nets.  We settled for a smattering of kinglets and a sparrow or two.  The next generation of college birders visited the station as well.  Third-grader Joey and first-grader Liam spent a few inquisitive hours with us this morning, along with their mother and grandmother.  Chita did most of the net-picking today, and 13-year old Cici did most of the banding.

Thanks to everyone for a great season!  Only 175 days (more or less) until spring!!!