Sunday April 14, 2013  Erin Karnatz, along with help from Colin and Leanna, Sonya and Bella, had a good opening Sunday with a flurry of Black-capped Chickadees at mid-morning.  We had quite a few visitors enjoying the welcome sunshine.

Mike seems to be enjoying the "trial by chickadee" experience!

Mike seems to be enjoying the “trial by chickadee” experience!  A flurry of chickadees mid-morning sent our net-pickers scrambling for more bags.  Mike carried these four back to the lab, grabbed more bags, and then headed out to help the rest of the crew.

Emily and Andrea had already put up about a third of the nets,  but we had postponed setting up the rest for several days earlier because of snow, freezing rain and cold.  Andrea had the nets, poles, guy-wire, mallets and thunkers all ready for the set-up crew scheduled to assemble at noon.

With GREAT help from Andrea Patterson, Bella Weber, Jeanne and Tom Verhulst, Jesse Roberts, Katie Little, Mike Ellis, Pat Lovallo, Pat Martin, Rosemary Reilly, Sonya  Rooney, Steve Maley, and Tom Klotzbach, we had all the nets up and ready to go.  We even had a Fish Crow fly over loudly vocalizing his approval of our work! Bring on the birds!  We are READY!
Betsy Brooks