April 17, 2013: 92 new birds of 12 species. New species for the season today were Brown Thrasher and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. We also processed 17 recaps. Black-capped Chickadees led the tally with 35, followed by Golden-crowned Kinglets with 22 and Ruby-crowned Kinglets with 12.

The morning was cold (1 deg Celsius) and net 11 was frozen. The cold did not deter the birds though as we had a very busy 1st two hours. Chickadees put up a challenge to our net picking crew but the picking crew eventually prevailed and by hour 3 they even had time to take a break before the next net check. Activity dropped off quickly at that point until closing at hour 6 when we picked up 8 to 10 new birds.
BRTH copy(1)

Brown Thrasher

BGGN copy(2)

Male Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Jon G. Dombrowski