Friday April 26, 2013  126 new.  Today was a crystal clear, cool day at the station. Winds were light and out of the South. The marigolds in the swamp were up and blooming and the spring peepers were loud and numerous. We captured 126 birds of which 76% were chickadees! There were a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets (with females returning now), a couple of Palm Warblers, a Tufted Titmouse, Brown Thrasher, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Common Grackle (female, by her almost complete brood patch), plus a Swamp and Chipping Sparrow rounding out the rest. A Sharp-shinned Hawk bounced out of the net as well as a number of chickadees that avoided being caught. Andrea did a wonderful job of cleaning the entire station to get ready for the numerous guests to arrive tomorrow.                       Marian Klik