Tuesday May 7, 2013.  25 new birds of 14 species; 9 recaps.  It was another day of disappointment with bright sun, and warm temperatures, but a persistent lake breeze and stormy weather south of us to keep the birds from moving toward us.  We are likely to be inundated with backed up birds soon.

ASY-male Blue-winged Warbler.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

ASY-male Blue-winged Warbler. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Bird of the day was Black-capped Chickadee with six banded.  Students from Rodney Olsen’s Science Class were with us all morning and helped us on our net runs and watched and took notes as the birds were banded.  In between runs, they watched a fairly impressive, though small, raptor flight which including several Bald Eagles, a male Goshawk pursuing a local Red-winged Blackbird, several Northern Harriers and Sharp-shinned Hawks.  After lunch, they headed out to help Dan at the raptor blind.   Kelly got a few birds banded and then spent the rest of the day working on the gardens.

Betsy Brooks