Wednesday May 8, 2013  55 new of 19 species; 4 recaps.  New species Wilson’s Warbler.  We kept radar on all morning and were able to dodge showers and keep all the nets open for our usual six hours.  Just when we thought we had seen the last of them, the bird of the day was Black-capped Chickadee with 15 banded.  We banded eight warbler species including a beautiful ASY-M Wilson’s Warbler, our first of the season. The Blue Jays streamed overhead most of the morning, and four did manage to come down low enough to be caught in the nets.

We had a wonderful group of visitors including Stephen Baillie and Alison Johnston from the British Trust For Ornithology and it was interesting to compare the training of banders in the UK and the USA, and to compare notes on various things – from band supply (UK banders buy their bands, ours are free) to training and testing materials.

We also enjoyed having the Vermont students for the whole morning, and they were able to go on most of the net runs as well as see how color banding is done, along with their usual classroom study of birds and bird banding.

Ryan's desktop nameplate made by Alice.

Ryan’s desktop nameplate made by Alice.

Jon Dombrowski was BIC with help from all the net pickers and scribes.  Katie tested six warblers in the MARS II studio.

Betsy Brooks