Saturday May 18, 2013.  106 birds of 34 species, 15 recaps.  No new species.  It was a day of quality with 16 species of warbler banded including Canada, Northern Parula, Chestnut-sided, and Black-throated Green.

A gorgeous after-second year male Magnolia Warbler.

Bold streaks, a deep black mask, and a completely black back announce this handsome Magnolia Warbler as an older male.

Luke Tiller’s Warbler ID class stopped by for a few minutes to see the birds in hand, and were able to see a Common Yellowthroat and Black-throated Blue before they headed back out into the field.  A group from Howe & Rusling stopped by for a morning visit, as did a family of four and several friends of volunteers.  With Ryan, Mike and most of the BTC gone, the banding lab would have seemed empty without all of our guests!

Once again, we were momentarily perplexed by a dull warbler, pictured below.  We banded it as a Pine Warbler (again), but we always hesitate because we still expect them to be yellow in the spring!  In addition, BBBO has only banded a Pine Warbler in 6 of the last 27 years . . . and in 5 of those years we only banded a singleton.  In 2007, we banded 6 Pine Warblers, with none in the years following until this year.  Will we ever band one that is actually in its full spring plumage???

Another dull Pine Warbler

Another dull (albeit exciting) Pine Warbler