Monday May 27, 2013  72 new bands of 21 species; 30 recaps.  Birds of the day were Gray Catbird with 11 banded and American Redstart with 10.  We had eight American Goldfinches which gave us an opportunity to look closely at carpal covert edging and compare age and sex.  There were six Ruby-throated Hummingbirds banded, so they are still moving through.

American Goldfinch.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

American Goldfinch. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Jason Mayberry from Buffalo brought his son Jackson who helped carry bird bags and make net runs between studying and photographing the birds.

We expected more visitors on this Memorial Day holiday but the five who joined us were all very interested in what we were doing.

After the station closed Norma and John Boettcher began installing the gutter that will allow us to collect water in a rain barrel so we don’t have to haul water from the house every day.

It was a pleasure to band on a comfortably warm, bright sunny day after the icy winds of the weekend!                    Betsy Brooks