Thursday May 30, 2013 225 new bands of 35 species; 18 recaps.  New species Clay-colored Sparrow.

Wow, talk about jumping into the deep end!  Because of my teaching responsibilities, I had not banded more than a few birds this spring.  When Betsy said she could use me as the bander in charge today, I said sure.  I wasn’t expecting to see 225 new birds of 35 species!  I thought that since this was late in the banding season, it would probably be a pretty easy day.  Was I ever wrong!

Among the 225 new birds banded today, the more common species included Wilson’s Warbler (27), American Redstart (18), Trail’s Flycatcher (48), and Cedar Waxwing (15).  By far the most unusual bird of the day was a Clay-Colored Sparrow, which was the first of the year.

New Species - Clay-colored Sparrow Photo by John Waud

New species – Clay-colored Sparrow.  Photo by John Waud

Another bird which caused a lot of excitement was a female Northern Parula.

Female Northern Parula Photo by John Waud

Female Northern Parula.  Photo by John Waud

We also had 3 Great Crested Flycatchers, which were a real treat.

We are closing in on a milestone; the 200,000th bird banded at BBBO.  We are less than 600 birds away from this remarkable number.  With six days to go in the season, we may very well reach this milestone.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who helped at BBBO today.  Even though we dove into the deep end of the pool, it was a great day thanks to everyone’s help.

John Waud