Long-time friend of BBBO, Dick O’Hara was remembered by family and friends at a gathering after the annual picnic for volunteers on Wednesday May 29, 2013.   Dessert featured a beautiful cake in Dick’s honor!

Sweets for the Sweet!  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Sweets for the Sweet! Photo by Ryan Kayhart

His children and grandchildren came from as far away as Minnesota to reminisce about what he meant to them as father and how his love of birds influenced them through the years.  Many long-time friends and neighbors of Mary Beth and Dick were present also.

Patrick (Pat) O'Hara reminisces about his dad and his birding.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Patrick (Pat) O’Hara reminisces about his dad and his birding. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Members of the Rochester birding community also talked about his unsurpassed knowledge of shorebird identification and his dedication to keeping the statistics accurate for the Rochester ornithological organizations.

The banders remembered Dick as someone keenly interested in the banding operation … from his role as a point count census-taker in the early days of the daily banding summaries to his delight in crossing off ‘wanted’ birds on his yearly lists with special birds caught at the banding station.  Even when he could no longer easily get out to visit the station on his own, he still managed to have someone drive him down and we’d bring all the birds over to the car for him to see.

Bench in memory of Dick O'Hara.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Bench in memory of Dick O’Hara. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

A beautiful bench dedicated to Dick  now sits outside the Robert G. McKinney Banding Lab.  It reminds us of how he used to sit outside the release window and watch the birds as they flew off.   We are grateful for his love for the birds and his dedication to the ornithological research, education and research carried out at BBBO.

In Memory of

Richard T. “Dick” O’Hara

1923 – 2012

Loved to watch the birds at BBBO

 Betsy Brooks