Monday, June 3, 2013. We started off with cloudy skies and chilly temps. At least 10 nighthawks were circling and hunting low over the field as Peggy and I opened nets. Too bad we did not capture one! We had approximately 35 new birds. Highlights were two male Indigo Buntings, a Great-crested Flycatcher and five or six Gray-cheeked Thrushes.

Indigo Bunting Male Photo by Margaret Keller

Male Indigo Bunting.  Photo by Margaret Keller

Jason and his little daughter Caitlin spent the morning with us.

Caitlin Mayberry with Chipping Sparrow Photo by Margaret Keller

Caitlin Mayberry with Chipping Sparrow.  Sometimes the birds take a moment to get their bearings, giving us just enough time to snap a photo before they fly away!  Photo by Margaret Keller

Jason and Greg removed the tree that had fallen near net two, so we were able to open that net by hour one. Cindy Marino