June 21, 2013: 16 newly banded birds, 18 recaps.

Our numbers have fallen since opening two weeks ago.  I’m hopeful they will revive, however. All in all a rather slow and dull day.  A misty morning started us off, and many of us took advantage for photos.

Sunrise at HANA.  Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Sunrise at HANA. Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

The dew settled on a lot of our nets from the night previous, and some minor adjustments slowed net opening.  We captured the usual High Acres suspects; Gray Catbirds, Song Sparrows, and Yellow Warblers for the most part.

Of note, we captured a pair of Brown-headed Cowbirds in the net beside one another.  They were banded simultaneously, photographed simultaneously, and then released simultaneously.

Our next banding session is July 5th and we hope that this longer hiatus from banding in the nature area will allow the numbers to rebound.

Samantha Gonzalez