HANA July 5: 28 newly banded birds, of those 8 were hatch-year birds, 9 recaps.

Following the holiday a total of 15 volunteers filtered in and out of the banding station to help and most certainly to learn. As I previously speculated, our capture numbers have rebounded a bit. We especially had a good splay of species. Of note we had a hatch year Downy Woodpecker, and several other local and hatch year birds including robins, catbirds, and Yellow Warblers.

We also had a handsome couple of Cedar Waxwings, which we have had in the past but had not yet seen this year; one of them was ideal for counting waxy tips and measuring the yellow tips on the retrices.

Adult Cedar Waxwing Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Adult Cedar Waxwing.  Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Finally, we had an older male Red-winged Blackbird that showed well its underwing coverts.

In the study plot we also had a lot of vociferous Green Herons and an Eastern Bluebird as well, both of which I’m excited to have in the area.

The recent warm and muggy weather had us concerned and wary towards the later hours and at about 10am we decided it would be best to close some of our nets that are directly in the sunlight. This weather has been brutal!  However I believe it is worth noting that due to the increased rainfall (especially compared to last year!) I have anecdotally seen an increase in both insects about and the number and species varieties of berries available.  The insects were voracious during the day, but the berries have attracted some birds our way I believe.

Samantha Gonzalez