Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rodney,  Henry and I arrived at Dead Creek and it was raining so we waited it out in the car for about 10 minutes.  At 5:40 Henry and Rodney started to set up nets while I set up the banding equipment. We made the first round at 10 after six.  Shortly after Warren came, he volunteered to get some breakfast sandwiches for us since Becky, and her cookies and muffins were missing.  Also missing this period were Brendan, Lisa and Ethan.

At third net check Henry brought our first Marsh Wren of the season; the last was banded in the 2011 MAPS season.   Soon Claire arrived at Dead Creek.  We had her help us do net checks and some practice time net picking so she can be ready when she comes to Braddock Bay this coming fall.

After coming back for the 10:10 net run Henry brought back a bird in a bag and gave it to Claire. Henry said it was a puzzler.  So Rodney, Warren, Henry, Claire and myself were all puzzled over this bird.   We narrowed  it down between Veery, Swainson’s and Hermit Thrush.  We ruled out Hermit with lack of a reddish tail and Veery because it had more spots then Veery.  So that left Swanison’s Thrush but it did not have a complete buff eye ring.  Rodney looked at Pyle and asked Claire if P6 is emarginated. Claire says no. So there was no emargination on P6, and that told us that it was a Swainson’s thrush!  And it was our third banded at Dead Creek!

Henry and Rodney consulting Pyle.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Henry and Rodney consulting Pyle. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

P6 is NOT Emarginated!  It's a Swainson's Thrush!  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

P6 is NOT Emarginated! It’s a Swainson’s Thrush! Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Another highlight was Field Sparrow which is the first since the 2009 MAPS season. Today we banded 30 birds and we had 14 retraps. Bird of the day is Gray Catbird with 8 banded!  At closing time also I showed Claire how I properly close a net.

Our next MAPS banding date which is the last one is Tuesday July 30.    Ryan Kayhart