HANA MAPS: July 24. 19 newly banded birds, 6 recaps.

We were finally looking forward to a nice cool day, hopefully having 100% of our net hours.  When we arrived in the morning, however cool it was (we were all even a little bit chilly!), the winds were surprisingly robust! There was some billowing, but not enough to close the nets and call it a day. I personally believe the higher winds contributed to our lower numbers, but it may just be that time of year where new hatch year birds start moving out of the nest.

We did have a couple of flycatchers within our numbers today, including both a Trail’s and a Least.  We have observed Least Flycatchers in the area previously, but I believe this is the first time we captured one and banded it.  It is pictured below, getting its bearings (or perhaps enjoying our warm hands!) before flying off.

Hatch Year Least Flycatcher Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Least Flycatcher.  Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

We also had a rather yellow hatch year Song Sparrow that gave everyone pause.  We looked up Savannah Sparrows just to be certain, but indeed it was just a yellowish Song Sparrow. Melospiza melodia melodia.

Hatch Year Song Sparrow  Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Hatch year Song Sparrow.  Photo by Samantha Gonzalez

Samantha Gonzalez