Tuesday July 30, 2013

The day started with sunshine and the A team which is Rodney, Henry, Warren, Claire, and myself. I showed Claire how to open, so she would know how to open nets when she comes out to Braddock Bay this fall. While Henry set up the back nets and Rodney set up the station. Becky made her Chocolate Chip Cookies and muffins before leaving for Maine.  Also missing on the last day of MAPS were Lisa, Ethan, and Brendan.

It might have been very busy, but it was steady almost the whole morning. It slowed down at the last three net checks. Claire continued trying to perfect her net picking skills.  Warren made a special trip to the Addison four corner store and got some breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon buns.

Claire,Warren, Mr. Olsen and I took turns banding and scribing along with Henry. The question is who top bander is for the 2013 MAPS season. It could be between Mr. Olsen and Claire. But I think it will be between Ryan and Claire. I won it 2012 and Claire won 2011. Well – stay tuned and find when we have our MAPS Award ceremony in August and the rest of the awards.

Mister "O" At Work.  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Mister “O” At Work. Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Highlights were another Marsh Wren and two Mourning Doves, which brings are total to five for our MAPS season!  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird once again with 18 banded. We banded 49 new birds and 13 retraps.

Two Baltimore Orioles!  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Two Baltimore Orioles! Photo by Ryan Kayhart

At the end of our MAPS session me, Claire, Warren, Henry and Rodney took all poles and nets down.  And we pulled out all rebar out of the ground.

We moved the poles by the gate, so they are ready for Dead Creek Day which is on Saturday October 5, 2013.  Yeah for A- team!  A good job well done!

Ryan Kayhart