Sunday August 18, 2013  Dead Creek Award Ceremony

Once we arrived at Trombley‘s house, Henry and I set up the 3 nets and opened the traps.  In a few minutes, we had birds in nets and one in the trap.  The banding team was myself, Claire, Brendan, and Henry.  44 birds were banded during the late afternoon.   Around 5:30-6 we all took a break and had dinner. Then Claire and myself set up nets and traps once again and caught more birds to practice up more for when Claire comes to 3BO this fall. Nets and traps were closed after 7 to have our quiz and awards.

There were a total of 215 banded this year vs. 360 birds last year!

Here are some awards given:

Top Bander: Ryan Kayhart (back to back)

(Best bird) Bird of the year:  Claire Trombley

Perfect Attendance: Henry Trombley

Almost Perfect Attendance: Ryan Kayhart and Rodney Olsen

Most Times Almost Attending: Lisa and Ethan Sausville

No Attendance: Brendan Collins

MVP: Becky Trombley

Best Excuse for Being Late: Warren King

Butterfingers Award:  Henry Trombley

Here are a few scenes from our season-end  MAPS celebration…







Ryan Kayhart