Wednesday, August 21.  11 new birds of 6 species, 5 recaps.  New species: Lawrence’s Warbler. A clear calm morning with a beautiful full moon-set as we opened the nets today. The first net check yielded our only highlight of the day – a hatching year male Lawrence’s Warbler.

Lawrence's Warbler.  Photo by Peggy Keller

Lawrence’s Warbler. Photo by Peggy Keller

Lawrence's Warbler.  Photo by Kathy Habgood

Lawrence’s Warbler. Photo by Kathy Habgood

From that point on we only had a trickle of birds find their way into our nets. Four Gray Catbirds and a pair each of Common Yellowthroat and Red-eyed Vireo led the meager tally. We recorded the capture of three Ruby-throated Hummingbirds which were released unbanded. After the hour 5 net check we began to close nets in the hot sun and then at hour 5.5 we closed all the nets as the temperature reached the mid 80’s.

Jon Dombrowski