First Hooded Warbler of the Fall!

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Tuesday August 20, 2013. It was a pretty slow day, but we had a nice variety of birds, including a very handsome male Hooded Warbler, aged as AHY. We banded 15 new birds and we had 19 recaps.  The Hooded Warbler was a new species for the season.  Cindy Marino

Lawrence’s Warbler Banded Today!

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Wednesday, August 21.  11 new birds of 6 species, 5 recaps.  New species: Lawrence’s Warbler. A clear calm morning with a beautiful full moon-set as we opened the nets today. The first net check yielded our only highlight of the day – a hatching year male Lawrence’s Warbler.

Lawrence's Warbler.  Photo by Peggy Keller

Lawrence’s Warbler. Photo by Peggy Keller

Lawrence's Warbler.  Photo by Kathy Habgood

Lawrence’s Warbler. Photo by Kathy Habgood

From that point on we only had a trickle of birds find their way into our nets. Four Gray Catbirds and a pair each of Common Yellowthroat and Red-eyed Vireo led the meager tally. We recorded the capture of three Ruby-throated Hummingbirds which were released unbanded. After the hour 5 net check we began to close nets in the hot sun and then at hour 5.5 we closed all the nets as the temperature reached the mid 80’s.

Jon Dombrowski

DCBO End-of MAPS Season Awards

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Sunday August 18, 2013  Dead Creek Award Ceremony

Once we arrived at Trombley‘s house, Henry and I set up the 3 nets and opened the traps.  In a few minutes, we had birds in nets and one in the trap.  The banding team was myself, Claire, Brendan, and Henry.  44 birds were banded during the late afternoon.   Around 5:30-6 we all took a break and had dinner. Then Claire and myself set up nets and traps once again and caught more birds to practice up more for when Claire comes to 3BO this fall. Nets and traps were closed after 7 to have our quiz and awards.

There were a total of 215 banded this year vs. 360 birds last year!

Here are some awards given:

Top Bander: Ryan Kayhart (back to back)

(Best bird) Bird of the year:  Claire Trombley

Perfect Attendance: Henry Trombley

Almost Perfect Attendance: Ryan Kayhart and Rodney Olsen

Most Times Almost Attending: Lisa and Ethan Sausville

No Attendance: Brendan Collins

MVP: Becky Trombley

Best Excuse for Being Late: Warren King

Butterfingers Award:  Henry Trombley

Here are a few scenes from our season-end  MAPS celebration…







Ryan Kayhart



Monday August 19, 2013.  It was a very slow day for us at Braddock Bay. We banded 11 new birds (most of which were cute baby birds) and recaptured 14 birds. There were several hummers all of which were young females. The bird of the day and first of the season was the Northern Waterthrush, and so the migration begins. The nets are all up and the trails all mowed to perfection. With the great weather, bird banding is a little bit of heaven at the station. Marian Klik

Fall Warblers Keep Trickling In

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Sunday, August 18.  34 new birds of 14 species, 16 recaps.  New species:  Chestnut-sided Warbler.  Another calm clear day at Braddock Bay, with just a hint of a chill in the morning air.  In contrast to yesterday, today’s numbers started high and dwindled throughout the morning.  The Chestnut-sided Warbler was a welcome treat, as was a young Downy Woodpecker.  A molting Baltimore Oriole tested everyone’s skill at aging and sexing, and made the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher ID seem easy by comparison!

A young Chestnut-sided Warbler.

A young Chestnut-sided Warbler.

It seems like nearly every day or two of banding brings us a new bird – Blackburnian Warbler (8/8), Magnolia Warbler (8/15), Canada Warbler (8/17), and Chestnut-sided (8/18).  Will this week bring any more surprises?

Opening Day!

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Saturday, August 17.  31 new birds of 14 species, 12 recaps.  New species:  Canada Warbler.  Bird of the day was a three-way tie between Yellow Warbler, Gray Catbird, and Warbling Vireo with five each.  The official opening day of the fall season dawned cool and clear, with just a hint of breeze.  As the temperature slowly increased, so did the number of birds in our nets.  We were steady but never busy, which gave us time to get back in the swing of banding fall birds.

A young Canada Warbler wanders through on opening day.

A young Canada Warbler wanders through on opening day.

The birds were not the only visitors.  Staff member Greg Cunningham stopped by with his girlfriend Robin and their young neighbor Milo, before continuing on to the hawk blind.  A birder stopped by to see what was in the trees, and a family from the east end of Lake Ontario stopped by for visit.  Now that we are open every day starting at sunrise, we hope to see many of you as well!  Andrea Patterson

BBBO Bands its 200,000th Bird

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On July 22, BBBO banded its 200,000th bird – a gorgeous Cedar Waxwing!

A second-year male Cedar Waxwing becomes BBBO's 200,000th bird.

A second-year male Cedar Waxwing becomes BBBO’s 200,000th bird.

The BBBO staff were under a strict admonition to make certain the record-breaking bird was a good one, and we spent the morning trying to decide if we should rig the results by selectively choosing the order in which we banded birds to ensure that the 200,000th bird was the best of the bunch.  Ultimately, we decided to play it straight and ended up with a bird that is both beautiful and is representative of the birds we band in the summer.  He is a perfect bird to hold this title!

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