Wednesday, September 11, 2013. 32 new birds of 14 species and 9 recaps.  No new species. Bird of the day was Blackpoll Warbler with 11 new bands far exceeding second place Gray Catbird with 5 new bands. The temperature was 79 degrees before sunrise and a hot 91 degrees at closing.

I usually estimate how busy I think we will be by looking at the overnight weather and then assessing the amount of bird song and calls I hear as we open nets prior to sunrise.  Today promised to be a slow day on both criteria, and it was, but not nearly as slow as we all expected it might be. Every net check yielded at least one bird.

It was nice to have Cathy Belair back with us scribing.  Peggy and Marilyn worked on getting our new display board ready.  Jenna entered 23 pages of data – a record!

Jon Dombrowski and Betsy Brooks