Thursday September 12, 2013.  23 new birds of 10 species, 10 recaps.  Bird of the day was Swainson’s Thrush with 7 new bands.  Wednesday night when I looked at the weather, I was convinced we would lose the entire day.  The forecast promised a 100% chance of rain (100% !!!) all morning.  As it turned out, we opened all the nets at sunrise, dodged a couple of showers before a bigger cell shut us down for an hour mid-morning, and then re-opened a handful of nets.  The birds were a predictable mix of thrushes and warblers, with no surprises in the bunch.  Barb and Rosemary continued to refine their net-picking skills today, and our intern Elizabeth banded her first bird.  Allen spread more mulch on the trails, and John Boettcher helped us fashion some poles to help our shorter volunteers raise and lower the nets.  Our daily excitement was provided by one of our aerial nets . . . the rope jumped the pulley and got stuck, leaving us to take the pole down until everything can be repaired.  Even on a slow day, BBBO is never dull!