Thursday, September 19 2013.  27 new birds of 11 species, 7 recaps.  We really shouldn’t be complaining about day after day of clear, pleasant skies with winds from the south.  After all, winter will be here soon enough and then we’ll be complaining about dreary gray skies with bitter winds from the north.  But would it be too much to ask to have just ONE good migration day?

We banded just a handful of birds today, the largest number of which were Blackpoll Warblers (10).  We had another adorable “baby” bird in the form of a very young cardinal still in its full juvenal plumage and with a bill still fully dark.  To pass the time, Rosemary tackled weeds in the memorial garden, Andrea assessed the condition of the nets, Betsy and Ryan started replacing damaged nets, and we all chatted with the few guests that stopped by.

We had a visit from Karl Reinhold, who banded a bit with us previously and who will take our bander training class in the spring.  We also had a visit from Ethan Gyllenhall, a birder from Chicago who is now a student at the University of Rochester.  We didn’t have anything really fantastic to show him today . . . so he wandered out to the lakeshore and promptly found a Parasitic Jaeger.  Maybe some of that magic will rub off on the station in the next week or so!