Friday October 4, 2013.  96 new of 17 species; 14 recaps.  We dodged showers all day and ended up with a respectable total.   The net-pickers got double the usual mileage as we kept up a schedule of 15-minute net checks rather than the usual 30-minute intervals.   Bird of the day was White-throated Sparrow with 45 banded.

Banders began arriving for the weekend NABC Bander and Trainer Evaluation Session.   Trainers David Holmes of Maryland, Anthony Hill from Massachusetts, Hannah Suthers from New Jersey, and Dave Alexander from Minnesota joined local trainers Erin Karnatz, Mark Deutschlander, Andrea Patterson and Betsy Brooks at a meeting to review testing procedures.

The candidates and trainers had an Introductory meeting to discuss the schedule for the weekend.  After dinner together, three candidates for Trainer certification gave presentations on aging birds by molt, aging birds by methods other than molt (skulling, soft-part criteria, etc.) , and sexing birds.

Betsy Brooks