Saturday October 5, 2013.  71 new of 14 species; 18 recaps.  With showers in the forecast, we were glad to be able to work around them to get most of the outdoor testing done for the NABC candidates.  The kinglets reigned supreme today with 19 Golden-crowned and 14 Ruby-crowned banded, along with 19 White-throated Sparrows.

It was a day of non-stop testing.  Trainers tested candidates at the nets and at the banding table.  One by one, the Bander level candidates tackled the identification, aging and sexing of 10 of Hannah Suthers’ Princeton Skinners spread-wing specimens.  Others were tested with live birds at the banding table.  Among other things, they also had to demonstrate they could remove a band from a bird safely and that they understood and knew how to use Pyle’s “Guide to the Aging and Sexing of North American Birds.”

Trainer candidates were tested at the nets and at the banding table  on their training knowledge and ability as well as how to manage a banding station.

After a tense day, everyone celebrated with a pizza party, after which the Trainers settled in for a long evening of evaluating test scores.

Betsy Brooks