Sunday October 6, 2013.  23 new birds of 11 species, 9 recaps.  Bird of the day was White-throated Sparrow with 6 banded.  The rain played spoiler today, as we were only able to be open for a few hours.  We hope that the rain moving through will bring a new flush of birds over the next few days!

We finished our NABC testing, and our candidates had their final exit interviews to learn the results of their efforts.  NABC certifies candidates at three levels:  Assistant (for those who are capable of safely and efficiently extracting and/or banding birds), Bander (for those who are capable of independently running a station, and Trainer (for those who are exceptionally knowledgable and are capable of teaching others).  We are pleased to congratulate the following candidates who were certified at the following levels:

Maren Gimpel: Trainer
Dan Small: Trainer
Kristen Covino: Trainer and Bander

Ariane Giudicelli: Bander
Emily Patterson: Bander

Al Sherkow: Assistant
Leanna Twohig:  Assistant

We had a great weekend learning from each other, and we hope that we’ll see these candidates back either testing for the next level, or just for a visit!