Peregrine Falcon banded by Dan Niven

Dead Creek Day

Saturday October 5, 2013

144 new, 14 Species

It was a nice cool crisp morning at Dead Creek.

Becky brought her famous muffins. Brittney and Becky were our scribes.

Henry did most of the picking, Dan helped some. Claire, Rodney and students from Middlebury College were the banders.

It was so busy this morning some nets had to be closed because we could not keep up.

The Middlebury college students jumped in and helped Rodney and Claire band.  Shortly after7:40am Ryan arrived to help out as well.

Dan, Dan (Niven) the eagle man caught a peregrine the first bird of the day. Dan Bushey brought the bird back and everyone who was there got to see it. And Dan also caught two Harrier’s during banding.

The nets were closed for awhile then they were open back up at about 8:30. And it stayed steady until about 11:30.

Bird of the day was Myrtle Warbler with 56 banded. Also banded were 32 Song Sparrows and 23 White-throated Sparrows. The highlight was a late HY Indigo Bunting.

HY Indigo Bunting Photo by Ryan Kayhart

HY Indigo Bunting
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Ryan Kayhart and Claire Trombley