Thursday, October 10, 2013:  44 new birds of 9 species, 35 recaps.  Bird of the day was Hermit Thrush with 17 new bands, stealing the leading spot from White-throated Sparrow who had held it for the last eight days.  (Note:  these numbers are from my memory, and will be updated shortly!).  It was another glorious autumn day at BBBO, with sunny blue skies and a hint of breeze.  Leaves crunched underfoot as we walked the paths but many more are still waiting to fall.  We are still wondering where all the birds are . . . we think they must either be over-flying us, or that they are taking different routes this year.   Our numbers today, however, were perfect for our newer net-pickers.  As it was neither too slow nor too busy, they had an excellent opportunity to gain more experience at the nets.   It was also a day of good-byes for many, as Elizabeth and Betsy prepare to leave at the end of the week.