Thursday October 24, 2013:  approximately 25 new birds of approximately 10 species, and approximately 30 recaps.  (I left the tally sheet at the station!  Numbers will be updated . . . eventually!)  Once again we avoided impending bad weather and managed to get in our full six hours.  In preparation for closing today, we graded all the nets (so we know which ones to save and which to burn), and we took down the alphabet trail.

Our numbers were a severe drop from yesterday, and – shockingly – there was not a single new junco in the bunch!  In addition, there was only one junco recaptured.  They must have swooped in, fussed about for a few hours, and then swooped back out . . . perhaps in search of kindly souls who keep well-stocked feeders.  So what was the little gray bird with white tail feathers???

A young Blue-gray Gnatcatcher brightened our day.

A young Blue-gray Gnatcatcher brightened our day.

A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher!!!   They are not often reported in our part of New York in October, and we haven’t banded one since the end of August.  But the gnatcatcher was not our only little gray bird that caused a stir today. . .

It's not very scientific to say so, but he's just as cute as a button!

We were spoiled last year by a couple dozen titmice.  This year, we were not so lucky so we were all grateful to see one today.

We all love Tufted Titmice, and this little fellow was the perfect end to our day.