Where-oh-where is spring???  We’ve been trying to fit owl-banding into the breaks in the cold and windy weather, but have only managed to make it out a few times in the last week.

On Friday March 14, Tom Klotzbach, with help from Leanna Twohig Colin Twohig, managed to get a few hours in before rain hit.  Tom writes:

Warm temperatures of 52 degrees F greeted volunteers this evening. The melting of snow received the previous two days is well underway. Prior to opening, Andrea did additional trimming along the aerial net lanes. Winds, which were stronger earlier in the day, were calm at opening.  But… there were no owls. Canada Geese were heard off in the distance, but no owls were encountered. Approaching rainy and windy weather resulted in the closing of nets for the evening at the 2.75 hour.  Thank you to Andrea, David, Leanna, and her son Colin for their help!

On Tuesday March 18, we were able to open again:

It was a chilly evening, but the sky was clear and the wind was quiet.  The Braddock Bay Raptor Research Volunteer Class came for a visit, and the nine guests were treated to a Saw-whet Owl about two hours into the evening.  The second-year female was exceptionally cooperative and docile as she blinked lazily at us.  We banded her quickly, let everyone snap a photo, and then perched her on a tree outside the station.  We were hopeful for more Saw-whets or even a Screech Owl, but our night ended empty handed.  Thanks to Barb, Gayle and Laura who helped this evening.