Saturday April 26, 2014:  39 birds of 5 species, 26 recaps.  New species:  Myrtle Warbler.  Bird of the day was Ruby-crowned Kinglet with 22 banded.

It was a crazy day at BBBO as we had visits from at least five different groups!  Richard Crossley and some guests from the HMANA (Hawk Monitoring Association of North America) stopped by early, quickly followed by visitors from BBRR’s Bird of Prey Days, Sara Morris’s Vertebrate Biology class (Canisius College), and Leslie Clifford’s Ornithology class (Mansfield University of Pennsylvania).  We rounded out our day with a visit from the Chemung Valley Audubon Society.

We were lucky we actually had some birds to show them, including the first Myrtle Warblers of the season.  We banded a good number of Ruby-crowned Kinglets today, all of them male.  The females migrate slightly later, so there is still a good bit of early spring migration yet to come.  Let’s hope that we get some good winds soon!