Tuesday April 29, 2014.  9 new bands of 6 species; 2 retraps.  New species Purple Finch.  Birds of the day were Brown Creeper, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and White-throated Sparrow, with 2 banded of each.  We operated for 3 hours before the winds became too strong and the radar showed approaching rain.  David Bonter reported that he had banded more birds in 1 hour yesterday with just two nets in Ithaca  than we banded in 8 hours with 32 nets here in the icebox on the lakeshore!  Things did not improve today, although the Purple Finch was a treat.

IMG_2539                                                                                        SY Purple  Finch  Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Pat inventoried the hats and t-shirts for sale at the station; Allen spread  more woodchips in some of the worst puddles;  bander ‘conferences’ took place to discuss ways to improve our skills;  we feasted on goodies brought in by Gary and Ruth;  Betsy watched radar.

Ryan Kayhart and Betsy Brooks