Thursday May 15, 2014.  164 new of ___ species; ___ recaps.  New species _______.   It was a surprisingly good day, with a steady flow of birds in the nets.  Doug Smith trimmed vegetation where the wind was catching some of the nets in the nearby shrubs.  We had three banders at each table for awhile with Scribes Jim Saller, Judy Snell, and Tom Verhulst doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the banders.  Jeanne Verhulst entered data most of the day.

The students nets yielded quite a few birds for team ___ and only two for team Ambition.

Allen spread many more wheelbarrows of mulch for our flooded trails, knowing the forecast was for heavy rain tomorrow!  We had a visit from Quinn Deutschlander who enjoyed ‘helping’ Allen fill the wheelbarrow.  Quinn also requested that we catch a ‘purple bird’ for him and on one of the last net checks we did manage to catch a grackle.