Thursday May 29, 2014.  72 new bands of 23 species; 17 retraps.  Bird of the day was Traill’s Flycatcher with 15 banded.

It was another fairly slow day but with nice variety, with nine warbler species.  Most handsome bird of the day was a stunning SY male Indigo Bunting.

SY Male Indigo Bunting Photo by Jim Saller

SY Male Indigo Bunting
Photo by Jim Saller


Marian and Allison worked on getting the poles ready for summer MAPS banding at the Kaiser Station.  Doug spent the second half of the morning culling Green Ash saplings from the hedgerow.  Betsy and Ryan worked on getting the education room ready for the Genesee Land Trust Annual Meeting schedule for this evening.

Gayle planted some Bee Balm brought by Cindy for the Memorial Garden.

Cindy Marino (BIC) and Betsy Brooks