Sunday June 1, 2014.  97 new birds of 25 species, 8 recaps.  No new species.  The winds must have been in our favor last night!  There were lots of birds singing and flitting about in the woods, including several species of warbler.  Flycatchers were the main attraction in the lab however, with 20 Traill’s, 5 Yellow-bellied and 1 Least.  We caught the third Black-billed Cuckoo of the season, and Erin banded two hummingbirds.  Interesting recaptures included a female Red-winged Blackbird first banded as a Second Year in 2012 (making it a 4-year now) and a female American Robin first banded as an After-second Year in 2011 (making it at least a 6-year now).