June 6, 2014.  We banded 26 new birds and 13 retraps.  Meghan Oberkircher  is taking blood samples  for her master’s work at RIT on stress related hormones and chemicals, concentrating on Song sparrows, Catbirds and Yellow warblers.   She has lots of experience at the HANA station and will be a big help.

Cindy Marino gave me a hand and Pat Lovallo dropped by to help after doing a little painting of a closet at the house. We had a beautiful day to work and I am happy to say I am glad I decided to continue the MAPS station for another year.

I used six brand new nets and repaired two old ones to use at my station. Unfortunately, a deer ran right through a new net within on hour of my opening it up. It took me 2 1/2 hours to repair the 3 foot hole it put into the net. I had to stitch in a section from an old net just to fix it. There are many many deer in the area. At least there were no bear sightings.

Marian Klik