June 14, 2014  Despite an overcast and chilly morning, another successful MAPS session was completed at High Acres. We banded 27 new birds and had 16 recaptures for a total of 43 birds of 15 species. Birds have begun fledging, both a Wood Thrush and Yellow Warbler fledgling were banded.

Similar to last week, the bird of the day came on the closing net run  … an ATY Northern Flicker!

ATY Male Northern Flicker

ATY Female Northern Flicker Photo by Meghan Oberkircher


The first American Redstarts were also banded and gave us a nice comparison between SY and ASY male Redstarts.

HY and ASY Male American Redstarts

SY and ASY Male American Redstarts Photo by Meghan Oberkircher

We had another good turnout of volunteers including many RIT alumni.


-Meghan Oberkircher