Saturday June 14, 2014

It was a very small crew with Henry and Brendan setting up nets and getting the banding tools ready for the day. It’s the smallest crew we ever had  at Dead Creek.   It was cloudy for most of the morning until almost closing time. Henry picked and scribed while  Brendan and I banded and picked.

Dead Creek MAPS Station Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Dead Creek MAPS Station
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Ryan got on the scoreboard for top bander. We banded 17 birds which is like our second slowest MAPS period.   Our slowest was July 31,2009 when we had just 11 new birds and  23 retraps reprocessed.

Bird of the day was Song Sparrow with 6 banded.

BIRD OF THE DAY Red-eyed Vireo Photo by Ryan Kayhart

BIRD OF THE DAY     Song Sparrow
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Only one Catbird was banded after the previous MAPS period we had 10 banded!  Brendan’s son Quinn helped out some by releasing the birds. The highlight was our second Red-eyed Vireo in the 8 years we have been at Dead Creek.  The last was one was banded June 17,2007 our first year at DCBO.

ASY M Red-eyed Vireo Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Red-eyed Vireo   Second in 8 Years
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Missing in action Rodney Olsen, Lisa Sausville, Ethan Sausville, Warren King, Claire Trombley, Becky Trombley and her famous Chocolate chip cookies!

Ryan Kayhart