Monday June 16, 2014. We had a very pleasant day weather wise Monday. Aggie Windig, Peggy Keller, Pat Lovallo, Meghan Oberkircher and Sue Smith Pagano from RIT were all there to help. Andrea stopped by to introduce me to Mindy Hettler, a new volunteer, who also stayed to see how we remove birds from nets, scribe and take nets down. She was not allowed to take birds out or handle them as I think she has to be trained first. She would like to bring her daughter the next few times to get her interested in banding. While checking the nets at 6 am, I was greeted by a deer face to face coming down and around a corner in the bushes at net #2. We both jumped sky high at the confrontation. At least she didn’t run into a net this time. This was the second deer confrontation of the morning. I hit a deer on Rt. 390 N on my way to the MAPS station at 5 am. It demolished my driver side front bumper, hood and air conditioning condenser.

We banded only 8 new birds which included a Blue-winged male and Brown Thrasher female. I had one Carolina Wren escape and bagged one Ruby-throated Hummingbird. There were 10 recaptures. The breeding status list included 41 species of birds that were either carrying food, singing, flying over or banded. Nice variety for the summer residents. No birds fledging just yet. The females are sitting on the eggs and the males are singing as loud as they can. The vegetation of the area has changed a bit since so many bushes have been cut back. I wonder how much this influences the bird nesting. Marian Klik