Kaiser MAPS Session for June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014.  There was so much rain Tuesday and Wednesday,
June 24, and 25 that 
the regularly scheduled MAPS for Wednesday was cancelled and rescheduled 
for today. All the net lanes had standing water in them. The 
five deer I chased out of the area thought it was a fine place to rest 
and so did the opossum who sauntered across the road near our set up on 
the side of the road. Peggy Keller, Mindy Hettler, Jenna Holzchuch, 
Meghan Oberkircher, and Sue Smith rounded out our banding group. A new 
undergraduate student, Charmaine Merchant, joined us today and will be 
coming each week to get introduced to bird banding.

I am concerned about a big habitat change where two of my nets are 
located. There was a great deal of change when all the Black Alder was 
removed earlier this spring.  Undoubtedly this may have disturbed the
nesting of birds across the street. 
We banded seven new birds and recaptured eleven birds, so not much is 
moving around. Let’s hope the young start showing up the next two sessions.

The photos below show and unusual lack of pigment in the gray catbird 
and an unusual emergence of feathers under the beak in the yellow warbler.
Cat bird 1

Marian Klik