July 3, 2014  10 new bands, 7 recaps

The weather just barely cooperated, with low-hanging clouds and 
occasional sprinkles but with the help of the canopy, we all made it. 
Helping out today were Aggie Windig, Meghan Oberkircher, Jenna 
Holzschuh, Peggy Keller, Pat Lovalo and Dr. “Sue”, as she has lovingly 
been called. Two other RIT students may be joining us in the coming 

There are 34 species of birds nesting, flying by, singing, being 
banded or feeding their young but, not as many as we would like to see 
in the nets. One deer watched as I took a bird out of net five. 
The deer are getting braver. 
The highlight of the day was the hatch year Northern Flicker who noisely 
protested the entire time from net, through banding and release. The 
mosquitos started their fourth of July feast early with or without bug 
spray. Hoping to see more young birds out our next MAPS in a week or so.

Marian Klik