Saturday, August 16 2014:  19 new birds of 8 species, 9 recaps.  Bird of the day was Gray Catbird with 7 new bands.

Hurray!  It’s fall!  A great crew came out to help open the 2014 fall season at BBBO and . . . as expected . . . it was pretty slow!

Fall banding has officially been underway since July 20 (Yellow Warblers start early!), but today was the start of our intensive daily banding season.  In the pre-season, we banded a remarkable 40 species of birds (see the post titled “Fall Pre-season Banding”), and we did not add any new species today.

This fall, our station will be adding point counts and daily observations to our dataset.  Monitoring birds in these alternate ways gives a better number of the numbers of birds, and the numbers of species, actually using our study site during migration.  While the point counts won’t start for a few weeks, we were casually recording birds we saw and heard today.  Overall, 18 species of birds were detected at the station.  We would love for birders (new and experienced!) to come out and help us keep track of our daily bird lists.

Thanks to Chita, Maggie and our Teen Banders for making opening day a success.

Bird of the Day - Gray Catbird.

Bird of the Day – Gray Catbird.