HY F Wilson's Warbler Photo by Jon Dombrowski

HY F Wilson’s Warbler
Photo by Jon Dombrowski

Betsy welcomes Michelle to BBBO Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Betsy welcomes Michelle Davis from the Cape Florida Banding Station Photo by Ryan Kayhart


Thursday, September 11, 2014. Three new bands of one species, Blackpoll Warbler and six recaps.

Rain delayed opening nets and windy conditions forced us to close some aerial nets but even if we had used a full complement of nets the catch would have been paltry. There were just no birds around today.

Michelle Davis, who runs the Cape Florida Banding Station visited today and it was fun to compare banding experiences with someone from another station.

Visiting also today were six people from the Culture Book Club. We had just barely enough birds to demonstrate end explain our banding procedures.

Meghan and Stephanie gave excellent presentations of their respective research projects.

Jon Dombrowski