Sunday September 21, 2014:  29 new birds of 11 species, 19 recaps.  New species:  Brown Creeper.  Bird of the day:  Blackpoll Warbler with 16 new bands.  The Fall BTC officially got underway as seven students from all over the northeast (and Illinois) converged on the station for a week of learning.  We were extremely nervous about how our opening day would go, as the weather forecasts were all dismal (83% chance of rain all morning!).  However, the skies cooperated better than we expected and we were only closed for a brief time mid-morning when a heavy but brief shower came through.  The birds were no so cooperative – when you have seven people learning to net-pick, it’s nice if they have some birds!  Everyone got a chance to take a few birds out of the nets, however, and we are optimistic that things will improve as the week goes on.