Saturday September 27, 2014:  137 birds of 26 species; 19 recaps.  No new species.  Bird of the day was White-throated Sparrow with 72 new bands.

The fall bander training course came to an end today, as the students took their final exams.  Many students chose to spend the better part of the morning banding (or were they merely delaying their written test???),  and there were plenty of birds to go around.  A Blue-headed Vireo was a welcome treat for the students, as was a Cedar Waxwing.

Bander%20Training%20Class%20Fall%202014%20with%20Staff                                                                                                                  Fall 2014 BTC  Photo by Andy Thiede

Dave Holzmann, from SUNY Geneseo, brought his Vertebrate Biology class to see the banding operation up close, and the 30 students were treated to a good variety of warblers, sparrows and thrushes.

Jenna (our seasonal field assistant) returned from a banding job in Alaska, and it was great fun to hear about all the western species she was able to see and band.