Eastern Phoebe Photo by Jon Dombrowski

Eastern Phoebe
Photo by Jon Dombrowski

Thursday October 9, 2914.  77 new of 20 species; 29 recaps.

Bird of the day (again) was White-throated Sparrow with 40 new bands followed by Hermit Thrush with 7 new bands and Golden-crowned Kinglet with 6 new bands.

Highlight birds included a female White-breasted Nuthatch and an Eastern Pheobe. Five species of warblers were also banded today. Tom and Jeannne Verhulst stopped by to see Betsy before she leaves for Alfred and we quickly put them to work scribing and entering data.

An interesting bird was a Dark-eyed Junco with one inner ear everted.   This rarely happens but when it happens to a bird at a backyard banding station, when the bird is recaptured, the ear is back to normal.

Jon Dombrowski (BIC) and Betsy Brooks