Male Golden-crowned Kinglet Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Male Golden-crowned Kinglet
Photo by Ryan Kayhart

Monday October 13, 2014

Today, Monday, October 13, we got 93 new birds and 38 retraps. Of the new birds, about half, 43, were Ruby crowned Kinglets. The 18 Golden-crowned Kinglets and 25 White-throated Sparrows made a good show. The weather was steamy but cool and it rained right in the middle of us putting down nets.
Our banding group included Andrea, Peggy, Meghan, Maggie, Jane, Terry, Pat, Danica, Alison and Marian.
 Alison showed us some awesome photos of his work in Ecuador.
Andrea continued her project of investigating Ruby crowned Kinglets and Thrushes. Some visitors with children and Tim from the hawk banding station also put in a showing. The weather is spectacular for tomorrow and I wonder if the numbers of birds captured will continue. 
Marian Klik (BIC)