Sunday October 19, 2014:  221 new birds of 24 species, 17 recaps.  Two new species:  American Tree Sparrow and Pine Siskin.  Bird of the day was Slate-colored Junco with 85 new bands.  A baker’s dozen of students from Cornell were at the station today, along with Dr. David Bonter of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, to gain experience in banding.  It was a great day for them – we had plenty of birds of a decent number of species, and we were treated to some interesting birds as well (including a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, three phoebes, two Blue-headed Vireos, and 9 species of sparrow).  The real story of the day, though, was the large number of Juncos that invaded the station in the first two hours of banding.  It was great to be able to compare so many, to see both the similarities and differences between the various age and sex classes.